Pairs Well With...

Fish and shellfish, poultry, potatoes, dairy (cheese, milk and cream, yogurt, sour cream), cucumbers, carrots, and eggs.

You’ve Probably Already Had It

  • Dill pickles

  • Havarti dill cheese

Shopping For It

As with most herbs, fresh is always better, however dill is still quite flavorful in it’s dried version. Unless your recipe calls for a large amount of fresh dill, you may find yourself throwing leftover dill in the garbage after a few days. Dried dill (usually labeled dill weed) can create less throw-away. A little goes a long-way, especially with dried dill. So, use sparingly and taste along the way.

5 Easy Ways to Try it

  • In traditional tuna, cucumber or potato salad recipes

  • In egg salad or deviled eggs

  • Sprinkled into scrambled eggs or a cheese omelette

  • Mixed in to mashed potatoes

  • Sour cream and yogurt based dips and sauces

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