Decorating with Picture Frames

I travel frequently to Atlanta for work and tend to stay in the same hotel each trip. I won’t mention the hotel by name since this may not be the most flattering mention; hopefully the very unique photos following will not give it away!


During my last stay, I was happy to hear at check-in that I was being upgraded to one of the hotel’s newly remodeled rooms. Maybe I had high hopes after a somewhat bumpy flight from New York, but I was a little let down and a lot confused at what I saw when I entered the room. It was pretty much the same as before with fresh wallpaper, different bed linens, a new rug and a few additional pieces of furniture. Then I noticed what I thought was rather strange wall decor. On the largest wall in the room, there were three randomly-placed picture frames. They were each different, all without glass, two framing a bird that was painted directly on the wall and third encircling a life-size, life-like bird.

My first thought: these would for sure give be nightmares. In fact, the only reason I have these photos was to help co-workers visualize what I was talking about when I explained that I fell asleep certain the 3-D bird would come to life in the middle of the night and peck me in the head (luckily, that didn’t happen)!


As bizarre as these “framed fliers” were, they did inspire me. I moved into a new apartment about 6 months ago and still have a number of bare walls because I can’t decide what to do with them. There must be something to do with frames besides just displaying photos. So here are a few of my favorite ideas I found, inspired by — but not featuring — birds!